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Kelant® Orbeat D100 2K UV-LED DLP Resin 3D Printer 115*65*155mm Build Size with 3.5inch Touch Screen Support Off-Line Printing

Products Name:Product id:–> Other Product for  Recommend Kelant® S400  LCD 3D Printer ID:1449432 ● 192*120*200mm Large Build Volume ● Dual-rail Z-axis

KINGROON® KP3S 3.0 3D Printer High Precision Printing Upgraded DIY 3d printer Kit Touch Screen Pringting Size 180*180*180mm

Precise details:Overalll Parameter List:Model:Kingroon KP3S 3.0 (Upgraded Version of KP3S with Direct Extruder Titan Extrusion 3D Printer Hotend kit) Build Volume:180*180*180mm

KREATEIT ® KR-10S Thor DIY 3D Printer Kit 300x300x400mm Large Printing Size With Dual Z Axis/Off-line Print/Aluminum Heated Bed

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:- Printing Size:300x300x400mm KR-10S can print big models, the max build size is 300x300x400mm/11x11x15 inches. It also

KREATEIT® KR-10S ThorPro 3D Printer DIY Upgraded Kit 300x300x400mm Large Printing Size With Laser Components/One Nozzle Double Lead Screw/US Plu

Features:- Laser Cutting KR-10S ThorPro 3D printer is equipped with laser cutting kit. You can do some really cool laser

LONGER® Cube2 Mini Desktop 3D Printer 120mm *140mm*105mm Print Size Support Power Off Continue Printing With 2.8-inch LCD Display/Magnetic Flexible Platform

Precise details:Please note:SD/TF cards/readers are no longer included as there is a risk that they will be seized by customs.

LONGER® LK5 Pro 3D Printer Kit 300x300x400mm Print Size Lattice Glass Equipped/TMC2208 Ultra Quiet Drive/Silent Motherboard/Open Source/90% Pre-assembled/Double Diagonal Ties

Features:Extra-Large Build Platform. Measuring at 11.8*11.8*15.75 inches, the size of the LK5 Pro build plate goes nearly unrivaled in similar

Longer® Orange 30 Upgraded SLA Light Curing UV Resin 3D Printer 2K High Resolution LCD 120*68*170mm Print Size with Touch Color Screen/Parallel LED Lighting

Note:The printer does not include the UV resin liquid printing material. Introduction:The Longer Orange 30 is a professional resin 3D printer, which

LOTMAXX SC-10 DIY 3D Printer Kit 235*235*280mm Print Size Support Filament Detecticon/Resume Print/7 Languages for Choose

Features:- 235*235*280mm Print size – Support filament break detection – Support resume printing after power loss – Support resume a stopped print – Support online or TF card

LOTMAXX SC-10 SHARK 3D Printer 235*235*265mm Print Size With 8 Languages Translate/Auto Leveling Support Dual Color Print

Precise details:Features:● With 3.5inch movable screen, ● Multilingual user interface,support translate 8 languages ● Support upgrade to Auto leveling, Laser

NOVA3D® Bene4 Mono SLA 2K LCD 3D Printer 130x80x150mm Print Size Support Wifi Connection 40mm/h Faster Printing Speed

Precise details:Important Note:* Due to the Customs limitation rule,SD Card and USB Drive&Gloves. will be Blocked during Clearance.So SD Cards &

NOVA3D® Efin3 Mini SLA 2K LCD 3D Printer 120x68x150mm Print Size Support Wifi Connection Free Leveling Design

Precise details:Important Note:* Due to the Customs limitation rule,SD Card and USB Drive&Gloves. will be Blocked during Clearance.So SD Cards &

QIDI® S-box UV LCD Resin 3D Printer 215*130*200mm Build Volume with Upgraded Matrix UV Module/Large Resin Vat Capacity/High Accuracy Printing

Precise details:Print Parameter:Technique:LCD Screen PhotocuringMolding Technology Operation:4.3 Inch Color Resistive Touch Screen Layer Thickness:0.025mm-0.1mm Print Speed:20mm/h Material:405nm Normal Rigid UV

QIDI® SHADOW 5.5S UV Resin 3D Printer Kit with Double Z axis Design 2K LCD Screen Air Filter Facility

Do you want to know more about 3D printing face mask? Do you want to print your own face mask? Please refer

QIDI® X-MAX Industrial Grade Pre Assembled 3D Printer Kit 300x250x300mm Large Printing Area with Two Extruder / 5Inch Touch Screen / Wifi Connection

Precise details:Parameters:Print Size:300*250*300mm Nozzle Diameter:0.4mm Print Accuracy:0.05-0.2mm Print Speed:30-150mm/s Software:QIDI Print,Cura,Simplify3D Power:450W Extruder Temp.:300°C Material:Carbon Fibre, Nylon, PETG, TPU, PC,

QIDI® X-Plus Large Size Pre-installed Industrial Grade FDM 3D Printer with 270*200*200mm Printing Size Support Wifi Connection Carbon Fiber Printing

3 out of 5
Description:The QIDI TECH X-plus combines all the features you want in a 3D printer like quiet printing, air purification, Wi-Fi

RAISCUBE® A8R Prusa I3 DIY 3D Printer Support Off-line Printing Fast Working 210x210x225mm Printing Size 1.75mm 0.4mm Nozzle

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:1. With 210x210x225mm large printing size 2. No Acrylic, 8mm (2.5mm inner) ALUMINUM instead completely, strong and

Reayou® Falcon-s Dual Z axis 3D Printer Kit 300*300*400mm Printing Size w/ Dual Cooling Fan Support Broken Filament Detection/Resume Print

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:● Ultra-thin 3.3cm machine ● 300*300*400mm large printing area ● Dual Zaxis make machine more stable, low cost and higher precision.

SIMAX3D® Array Block Fully Automatic 3D Model Scanner for 3D Printer

Product SpecificationMaximum scanning size:740*740*740mm(Max when free Scan) Scanning mode:Full-automatic Scanning,Free Scanning Scanning precision:≤0.1mm Scanning time6S Single Frame(Free scan) Camera:3.0 million

SIMAX3D® Iron M1 3D Printer DIY Kit 235*235*235mm Printing Area Full Metal Structure 3D Printer Kit

Precise details:Specifications:Model:Iron-M1 Color:Gold  Frame Material:Metal Plate+ Aluminum Printing Size:235*235*235mm LCD:4.3 Inch Full Color Touch Screen Power Supply:110V/220V TO 24V/15A(360W) Hotbed

SIMAX3D® X1 3D Printer DIY Kit with 310*310*400mm Large Platform TMC2208 STM32 Control Board Double Turbo Fan

Specifications:Model:SIMAX3D-X1 Molding Platform Size:310*310*400mm Print size:300*300*400mm Nozzle:0.4mm Language:English, French, Spanish, German, Russia, Korean Hotbed Max:100℃ Nozzle Max Temp:260℃ Voltage:110-220V Support

SkyCube Assembled Desktop 3D Printer Kit 110mm*110mm*125mm Printing Size Supprot Cura/Repetier

Features:1. 110mm(L)*110mm(W)*125mm(H) printing size 2. Delicate and lightweight design, plastic molded construction, carry and go, plug and play 3. With

Sparkmaker JX215S UV resin 10.1 inch Touch Screen Support WIFI control 215*135*200mm Printing Size 3D Printer Kit

Note:For the convenience of the transportation, the UV resin is NOT included in the package. Thanks for your understanding Features:-

Sparkmaker Light-Curing Desktop UV Resin SLA 3D Printer 98*55*125mm Build Volume

Note:The Resin Liquid is not included in the package, thank you for your understanding. Suitable UV Sensitive Resin for you

Sparkmaker Upgraded FHD Light-Curing Desktop UV Resin SLA 3D Printer 110mm*61.8mm*125mm Build Volume Support Off-line Print

Products Name:Product id:–> Do you want to know more about 3D printing face mask? Do you want to print your own face

TENLOG® TL-D3 Pro Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit 300*300*350mm Printing Size 4.3inch Large LCD Display Support Dual Nozzle/Print SD Card& USB Connect

Precise details:Warm Tips:Please note the machine versions available in stock. This version for TLD-3 Pro is not included glass print

TronHoo BestGee T220S Ultra Low Noise 3D Printer Kit 220x220x250mm Print Size with Full Color Touch Screen Support Filament Run-Out Detection/Power Outage Recover

Features:Ultra Low Noise – TMC2208 motor driver, effective denoising, printing without disturbance.3.5” Color Touch Screen – 3.5-inch full color high

TronHoo BESTGEE T300s 300x300x400mm Large Build Volume Quick Set Up 3D Printer Support Power Outage Recover with Detachable Magnetic Print Bed

Features:Large Build Volume – 300 x 300 x 400 mm large build volume, available for big ideas.5-Minute Quick Set Up

Tronxy® C2 Full Metal Integrated 3D Printer 150*150*150mm Printing Size

Features:1. Full metal integrative framework 2. Light and handy machine 3. The first 3D printer for Children 4. 5-inch Touch

TRONXY® X1 Desktop DIY 3D Printer Kit 150*150*150mm Printing Size 1.75mm Support Off-line Print

Features:1. With high precision printing,more smooth 2. Simple design, easy to operate, to avoid the cumbersome installation 3. Use newest

TRONXY® X5SA-2E Dual Colors 3D Printer Kit CoreXY with Dual Titan Extruder Dual Z axis 330*330*400mm Printing Size TMC2225 Ultra Quiet

Precise details:Important Note:* Due to the Customs limitation rule,SD Card and USB Drive. will be Blocked during Clearance.So SD Cards will

TRONXY® X5SA-400 DIY 3D Printer Kit 400*400*400mm Large Printing Size Touch Screen Auto Leveling

Precise details:Important Note:* Due to the Customs limitation rule,SD Card and USB Drive. will be Blocked during Clearance.So SD Cards will

TRONXY® X5SA-400 PRO DIY 3D Printer Kit 400*400*400mm Core XY with Titan Extruder/Auto Leveling/Filament Dectect/Power Resume

Features:- With 400*400*400mm Large Printing Size – Core XY Motion – With 3.5 Inch Touch Screen – With Titan Extruder,printing TPU is no