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Bike Basket Cycling Storage Accessory

Install this bike basket to your bicycle so you can have additional storage space It has a cover using a string type closure which makes it easy to open or close Waterproof material for protection and multiple compartments for you to use Lining: Polyester/Capacity: Max. safety load kg or 6.6lb Size: 25 x 28 x 22cm or 9.84 x 11.02 x 8.66in Package Contents: 1 x Bike Basket Cycling Storage Accessory 2 x Plastic Supports 4 x 3mm Thick Liners 4 x 5.3mm Thick Liners 1 x Allen Key 1 x Mount Bracket

Bike Chain Cleaner Degreaser Tool

For cleaning bicycle chainrings, freewheel, cgs, etc.
For all kinds of bicycle model whether single or multi-speed
With practical handle for easy use
Made of durable plastic exterior
Firm brush inside for effective cleaning
Size: 135 x 73mm

Bike Puncture Repair Kit Tools

A portable and compact tool kit that you can easily bring on your every ride
Complete with all the tools that you need in doing minor repairs and mending tire puncture
Has a 11in1 multi-tool kit and a hand pump with bracket can be used for Schrader and Presta
Weight: 516g
Bag dimensions: 21 x 21.5cm
Package content:

1 x storage bag
1 x 11in1 multi-tools
1 x hand pump
3 x tire lever
3 x gas needle
8 x glueless tire patch flake
2 x bicycle screw
1 x metal foil flake
1 x tire patch box kit

Bike Tire Repair Kit Tool Set

This bike tire repair kit is convenient and portable to bring whenever you need to ride outdoors
It is complete with all the tools and materials that you need to patch the puncture on your tires
Easy to apply and use so you can ride again with your bike
Dimensions: 11.5 x 6 x 2cm
Package content:

Bike Tire Repair Kit Tool Set

2 x Plastic Crowbar
1 x Grinding Film
1 x Glue
8 x Tire Film
1 x Plastic Box
1 x Manual

Bike Tool Kit 20PC Repair Set

The Bike Tool Kit 20PC Repair Set comes in an easy-to-carry case that allows convenient storage
It is high-quality and durable; It is ideal for almost all types of repair and maintenance works
It is high in strength and rustproof; The tools can be used for other home repairs
Material:  Alloy Steel/ Weight: Approx. 2600g
Size: 32 cm x 25 cm x 7 cm
Package Contents:

3 x L Wrenches (T20: YC-T20/T25: YC-T25/T30: YC-T30)
1 x Spoke Wrench(YC-8F)
1 x Dust Cap Wrench(YC-27)
1 x Chain Ring Nut Wrench(YC-271)
1 x 3mm Flat Screwdriver (YC-612)
1 x 8mm Hex Key Wrench Square Adaptor (YC-812LE-BK)
1 x Bottom Bracket Wrench (YC-307BB)
1 Set Hex Key Wrench (2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm: YC-613-BK)
1 Set Tire Lever (YC-305D)
1 x 5mm Phillips screwdriver (YC-611)
1 x Freewheel Pedal Wrench (YC-515)
1 x Master Link Tool (YC-335CO)
1 x Chain Rivet Extractor (YC-336)
1 x Chain Hook(YC-207)
1 x Freewheel Wrench (YC-126-1A)
1 x Bottom Bracket Tool (YC-26BB-1A)
3 x Hub spanners (13-14, 15-16, 17-18mm)
1 x Crank puller (YC-215CB)
1 x Storage box

Bikini Trimmer Lady Shaver Tool

For easy grooming and trimming of ladies intimate area
Reusable shape template bikini trimmer tools
Very handy and gentle to use on the skin and bikini area
Materials: ABS, silicone
Size: Triangle - 28 x 56 mm, Heart - 54 x 60 mm, Linear - 7 x 72 mm
Package List:

1 x Set Bikini Trimmer Lady Shaver Tool (includes the shaver and shape template)

Bird Netting Garden Protection Mesh

The Bird Netting Garden Protection Mesh effectively keeps birds and other animals out It's easy to use and easily foldable for convenient storage It doesn't harm birds and doesn't block air circulation Material: Polyethylene (PE)/ Hole Size: 0.8 x 0.8 inches Size Variants: 4 x 2m/ 6 x 3m/ 10 x 3m/ 16 x 3m/ 20 x 3m Package Contents: 1 x Bird Netting

Birthday Party Decorations Photobooth Props

Instant decoration for a first birthday or a baby shower party
Different designs available for a baby boy or girl
Made of cute designs printed on hard paper
Can be used as photo booth props
DIY party decoration solution
Size: 10-20cm
Packing: 20-30 pieces card + 20-30 pieces stick + 20-30 pieces glue point

Biscuit Cutter Cookie Mold

Durable and useful cookie mold; Can cut cookies in different shapes
It is unique and very handy; Each shape will attract a child's attention
Can encourage kids to eat their biscuits because of its beautiful design
Material: Stainless Steel

Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleanser

You can now enjoy professional-like skincare in the comfort of your own home with this blackhead remover vacuum!
 This is a rechargeable face vacuum that effectively removes blackheads from the pores
With regular use, this device lessens the appearance of wrinkles, acne, and dead skin cells
Material: ABS./Size: 15.7cm x 4.3cm x 4cm
Power: USB Charging/Suction: 53KPA
Package Content:

1 x Blackhead Remover Vacuum
5 x Probes(Heads)
1 x USB Cable

Blackhead Vacuum Pore Cleaner

Non-toxic, safe and easy to use face suction machine for facial cleansing
Equipped with 40kpa power suction for effective cleaning
Material: ABS Platic material/ Weight: 254 grams
Function Modes: Low, Medium, High
Power: USB Rechargeable

1x Pore Cleaner
1x Big Hole Headpiece
1x Small Circular Headpiece
1x Oval-shaped Headpiece
1x Artificial Probe
1x USB Cable
1x Pack (Sponges and Rubber Rings)

Blending Stump Drawing Tool 6Pc Set

These blending stumps are easy to use even new artists can enjoy them
They can be sharpened to increase precision in blending
Used for smoothly blending charcoal and graphite pencil sketches
Material: Rice paper
Sizes: 1: approx. 5.24 x 0.39 in(LxDiameter)/ 2: approx. 5.12 x 0.31 in/ 3: approx. 5.04 x 0.31 in/ 4: approx. 5.31 x 0.28 in/ 5: approx. 4.65 x 0.24 in/ 6: approx. 4.37 x 0.16 in
Package includes: 6 x Blending Stump Drawing Tool

Blind Spot Mirror Convex Speculum (2 pieces)

Ideal to use in your car rearview mirrors, it allows you to see a wide angle view on the road
Helpful and cost-efficient, at the same time it is easy to fix in the mirror
Frameless ultrathin speculum with a good grip, you just need to stick it on to use it

Item Size: approximately 53mm
Lens Diameter: 5cm
Base Diameter: 3cm
Thickness: 1.2cm
Height: 0.2 inch

Weight: 65g

Material: Glass

Package Includes: 1 pair x Blind Spot Mirror Convex Speculum

Board with Holes Wall Storage

Easy to install on any smooth, flat, and clean surface to help you organize your things
Saves you more space in your tables or counters by placing your small items in here
You can customize this board with holes according to your needs
Material: plastic

Board: 22 x 22cm
Long shelf: 8 x 22cm
Short shelf: 8 x 11cm
Pegs: 9.2cm (length)

Package content:

1 x Board with Holes
1 x Long Shelf
1 x Short Shelf
6 x Pegs
4 x Adhesives

Boat Propeller for Yamaha 9.9-15HP

The Boat Propeller has a 3-blade design which allows less drag and faster speed It is durable and easy to install; It is stronger and tougher than die-cast propellers Material: Aluminum/ Pitch: 12 inches / Rotation: R / Number of Blades: 3 Diameter: Approx. 9 1/4 inches / Number of Spline Tooth: 8 Compatibility: Yamaha Outboard Engines 9.9-15HP 2-1/2" Gearcase T8, T9.9 (All) F9.9(4 Stroke) 2000-2007 F15(4 Stroke) 1998-Newer F20(4 Stroke) 2007-Newer 9.9HP(2 Stroke) 1984-2009 15HP(2 Stroke) 1984-2009 F15C 2007-Newer Package Contents: 1 x Boat Propeller

Body Slimming Shaper Muscle Stimulator

Body Slimming Shaper Muscle Stimulator is effective for your body slimming and muscle toning goals.
It is a super easy way for you to get that body shape that you want. It has an adjustable training intensity for you.
Package includes 3 types. Type 1 includes 1 Controller, 1 Arm Sticker, and 1 User Manual. Type 2 includes 1 Controller, 1 Abdominal Muscle Sticker, and 1 User Manual. Type 3 includes 3 Controllers, 1 Abdominal Muscle Sticker, 2 Arm Stickers and 1 User Manual.
Item sizes 20.5 * 6 * 2.3cm / 8.07 * 2.36 * 0.9in (for arm) and 19.5 * 19.3 * 2.3cm / 7.68 * 7.6 * 0.9in (for abdominal).

Bonfire Fire Colors Fireplace Flame Trick

Simply toss on burning woods
MAkes colorful flames
For camping bonfire or fireplaces
Use 2-3 packs for best result
Contains harmful chemicals
Poisonous! Always handle with care
Net Weight: 25 grams

Bore Snake Gun Cleaning Tool

The Bore Snake Gun Cleaning Tool is flexible and easy-to-use; It doesn't inflict scratches or dents
It has a durable bore brush with multiple bristles; It is lightweight and convenient to store
It has a tapered brass tip to allows easy insertion to the gun barrel
Length: 1.6m/ Weight: 30g
Specifications per Variant:

G01: 12GA Gauge
G02: 0.22 Cal; 0.223 Cal; 5.56mm
G03: 0.38 Cal; 0.357 Cal, 0.380 Cal; 9mm
G04: 0.30 Cal,  0.308 30-06, 0.300, 0.303; 7.62mm
G05: 0.17 Cal, 0.177 Cal, 0.17HMR, 0.17WMR; 4.5mm
G08: 0.270 Cal, 0.280, 0.284; 7mm
G09: 0.44 Cal, 0.45 Cal

Package Contents:

1 x Bore Snake Gun Cleaning Tool

Bracelet Making Kit DIY Beads Set

This Bracelet Making Kit is the perfect gift for girls; it is also great for adult hobbyists
This kit is easy to use; the colors are vibrant and unique
These are non-toxic and will not cause skin irritations (Warning: Choking Hazard for small children)
Material: Plastic / Age Range: 5-13 years old
Variants: 1 - 400pcs / 2 - 600pcs / 3 - 480pcs / 4 - 500pcs / 5 - 700pcs / 6 - 520pcs / 7 - 450pcs / 8 - 380pcs / 9 - 520pcs / 10 - 550pcs / 11 - 580pcs / 12 - 420pcs / 13 - 520pcs / 14 - 420pcs / 15 - 450pcs
Package contents: 1 x Bracelet Making Kit DIY Beads Set

Brad Nailer Electric Stapler Gun

A power tool that drives both brads and staples
Work with trimming for doors, windows, and crown molding or switch to staple art, glass, mats or backing to wooden frames
Drives nails/staples by spring mechanism activated by electrical charges
Voltage: 220-240V AC | Power: 1800W | Frequency: 50/60Hz | Magazine Capacity: 100 pcs
Compatible with F10/F15/F20/F25/F30 and 410J/413J/416J/419J/422J
Package contents:
1 x Brad Nailer Electric Stapler Gun
1 x shears
2 x wrench
1 x screwdriver
300pcs F30
300pcs 422

Brake Bleeder Bicycle Tool Kit

DIY brake bleeding kit for bicycles that uses a lubricator with British ICI imported ultra-low density plastic
Resistant to erosion, no discoloration, and cracking
Does not include the oil. You must buy it yourself.
Package contents:
1 x anti-corrosion cylinder made in Denmark
1 x silicone hose from Japan
1 x a professional bleed block
1 x close and caliper adapter for Mineral Oil/DOT
1 x set of adapters for different brakes
1 x English instruction manual

Brake Caliper Covers Car Kit

Heat-resistant and maintenance is convenient
Help to reduce brake dust built-up on the caliper
Simple construction; Easy to install with silicone glue
Small: 19 x 5.2 x 4cm / 7.48  2.05 x 1.57in  fits 14 inch-wheels
Medium: 24 x 6.5 x 4.5cm / 9.45 x 2.56 x 1.77in fits 15 or 16 inch-wheels
Large: 28  7.5 x 6cm / 11.02 x 2.95 x 2.36in fits 170-18 inch wheels or over
Weight: 330g or 11.64oz
Variants Available:
2 x Small caliper covers
2 x Medium caliper covers
2 x Large caliper covers
2 x Medium caliper covers and 2 x Small caliper covers

Brake Fluid Tester Car Tool

The Brake Fluid Tester can be used on all cars; It is portable and convenient
It is easy-to-use and suitable for testing the water percentage in the brake fluid
It has 5 LED indicators that show the condition of your brake fluid
Power Supply: 1 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (Not Included) 
Size: Approx. 15cm
Package Contents:

1 x Brake Fluid Tester

Bread Machine Portable Device

This is a useful device that can help you bake bread at home
It allows you to customize your own bread and share it with your family
This is portable, easy to use, and durable
Size: 110mm x 345mm/ Power: 1200W
Voltage: 220- 240V
Plug Types: US, EU, UK
Package Includes:

1 x Donut Machine Portable Device

Bread Proving Basket with Accessories

This Bread Proving Basket comes with accessories to help make the process easier Made of natural material that is food-safe and has grooves that imprints on the dough It has a removable fabric for convenience when washing it and it is reusable Material: Natural Rattan / Weight: 590g Sizes: Oval Basket: 250 x 150 x 80 mm Round Basket: 180 x 90 mm Brush: 160 x 20 mm Blade with Handle: 24 x 8.1 cm Dough Scraper: 135 x 90 mm Package Contents: 1 x Oval Basket 1 x Round Basket 1 x Brush 1 x Blade with Handle 1 x Dough Scraper

Bread Rising Basket Dough Bowl

Use this bread-rising basket when you are fermenting your dough before baking it
It is breathable that's why it is the best container where your dough can rise properly
It is also ideal for storing your freshly baked bread, it keeps the bread fresh and clean
The inner cloth liner is removable for easy washing
Material: Rattan+Cloth

S: Basket: 13 x 16cm, Cloth Liner: 13 x 6 cm
M: Basket: 16 x 16cm, Cloth Liner: 16 x 6 cm
L: Basket: 18 x 9 cm, Cloth Liner: 18 x 9 cm
XL: Basket: 20 x 8cm, Cloth Liner: 20 x 8 cm
2XL: Basket: 22 x 8.5 cm, Cloth Liner: 22 x 8.5 cm
3XL: Basket: 25 x 8.5 cm, Cloth Liner: 25 x 8.5 cm

Package Content:

1 x Rattan Bread Basket
1 x Inner Cloth Liner

Brick Wall Sticker 3D Foam Wallpaper

Give your bare walls a makeover and add this brick walls sticker to it
This wallpaper has a realistic and 3D brick design that makes the illusion of a real brick wall
This is easy to install and has a strong adhesive, this is also waterproof so it's easy to clean
Material: PE foam
Size Variants:

60 x 30 x 0.85cm
60 x 7.5 x 0.85cm
60 x 15 x 0.85cm
60 x 60 x 0.85cm

Package Content:

1 x Brick Wall Sticker 3D Foam Wallpaper

Brow Stencil Makeup Tool

Make on-fleek brows every day even with less time for makeup with this brow stencil
It is a ready brow guide that lets you make pretty eyebrows in just a few minutes
Make consistently on-fleek eyebrows with this stencil
Material: PVC / One size, universal
Package Content:

1 x Brow Stencil

Bubble Bottles Clear Containers

A small container to for your bubbles mixture
Easy to use bubble bottles for your kids
Making bubbles is a fun activity to do with your kids and students
Size: 10.70 x 1.10cm
Material: Plastic

Builder Gel Thick DIY Nail Extension

This builder gel is both for professional and personal use
It is a thick gel that you use as a base for your nail extension, as a nail gem adhesive, and to reinforce (or thicken) your nails
It has a thick but spreadable consistency
Gross Weight: 45g/Capacity: 15ml/Curing Tools: UV Lamp, LED Lamp, UV/LED CCFL Lamp
Package Content Variants:

1 x Builder Gel
1 x Primer
1 x Base
1 x Top Coat
1 x Tempered Top Coat
1 x Matte Top Coat
1 x Soak-off Base Coat
1 x No-wipe Top Coat
1 x Matte Top Coat (Refill Bottle)
1 x Tempered Top Coat (Refill Bottle)
6 x Builder Gel (Natural Pink, Clear, Thin Pink)
1 x Peel-off Base Coat
1 x Long-wear Top Coat

Building Blocks Set SWAT Figure Toys

Fun building blocks for kids
Perfect gift idea
Only for children aged 6 and up
Materials: Environmentally-safe ABS plastic
Package contents: 8 pieces of models/695 blocks, 1x Instruction Manual

Burger Patty Maker Mold Press

A faster and more convenient way in making burger patties
You can make even and perfectly shaped patties for everyone to share
Easy to use and clean to give you fun in making your food
Material: alloy

Outer part: 10.2 x 16cm (4.02 x 6.3in)
Inner diameter: 11.8cm (4.35in) upper press; 12cm (4.96in) bottom press
Upper press: 5cm (1.97in) outer thickness; 3.7cm (1.46in) inner thickness
Bottom press: 2.4cm (0.94in) thickness

Package content: 1 x Burger Patty Maker Mold Press

Burr Grinder Coffee Bean Grinder

Efficiently grinds coffee beans into a very fine powder for quality coffee drinking
Equipped with a sturdy grinding mechanism and a durable body for long term use
Experience freshly ground coffee beans anytime you want
Material: Stainless Steel / Volume: 30 grams / Dimensions: L4.9cm x H18.8cm
Package Content/s: 1 x Burr Grinder Coffee Bean Grinder

Cable Clips Cord Holder and Wire Clips (Set of 50)

Tidy up the cords in your home and car easily
No drilling needed, just stick it on
Can be placed on your desk, walls, and car interior
Small in size but secures cord completely

Cake Toppers Colorful Baking Decors

Personalize any cake in an instant
Perfect for any occasion
For cakes and cupcakes
Easy to install and will not ruin the cake
Sizes and quantity:

1 x Rainbow: 3.93 x 2.76 inches
5 x Cloud: 5.12 inches
6 x Balloon: 4.92 inches

Package List:

1 set of Chosen Design

Call Blocker Security Device

Blocks all the numbers you don't want to be calling you anymore
Blocks numbers consisting of 3 to 16 digits as well as area codes, prefixes, and hidden numbers
Stores the first 100 incoming digits and the thirst 50 numbers you call
Material: plastic and electronic component
Battery type: 2 x AAA (not included)
Package contents:
1 x Call Blocker Security Device
1 x English Manual
1 x Connecting Line