SIHH 2016: Interview with Angelo Bonati, CEO Panerai

Angelo Bonati, CEO Panerai

Signore Bonati gave me some interesting insights about the development of his watch collections and we talked about how to master the year 2016 …


2016 will be challenging and yes you have to be prepared to face the daily developments. He also talks about possible new watches in bronze …

In the middle of the interview I ask Signore Bonati how the new replica of the legendary “Egiziano Piccolo”, the PAM00662, will influence the prices of the historic piece. Bonati first misunderstood me and bravely defended the brand. I very much appreciate his enthusiasm, Bonati really stands for 200 % Panerai!

I invite you to listen to my interview with Angelo Bonati, the CEO of Panerai. Have fun with it!



Absolutely relaxed this afternoon in his office: Signore Angelo Bonati


Angelo Bonati, CEO Panerai
Angelo Bonati, CEO Panerai








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5 replies on “SIHH 2016: Interview with Angelo Bonati, CEO Panerai”
  1. says: Garry Christie

    What are the improvements that IWC made on their Pilot watch collection?
    Thank You,

    1. says: Evert

      Garry, IMO the improvments are smaller date windows, more discreet hands and case backs, a few mm less in sizes,more functionality in the chrono’s with a 12 hour totalizer. In all it is still bold, technical, very IWC, but also a bit more mature and subtile.

  2. says: Ramon Oyarzun

    I wanted to tell Mr. Bonati how proud I am on owning a Pam 277. I tried for many years to obtain one, and now that I was lucky to purchase one, I am happy I am to add this time piece to my small collection. Every time I have it on, I can’t tell you how many positive comments I receive from this time piece. This is my second Panerai and I look forward to perhaps having a few more in my collection. Thank you.

    1. says: Alain Anastasios

      Indeed one of the best panerai ever IMO

      Have mine for many years and always wear it with pleasure…

      Congrats pal

  3. says: Evert

    Thank you Alexander! Concerning the bronze : I don’t understand why regular production pieces in Carbotec, composite and ceramic are OK, but bronze is only for special editions. Anyway, the new pieces are nice and consistent with the 4-cases strategy, but not very surprising IMO. Another way to show the powerreserve or adding another material to the 1940 family would have been nice. The special editions scarce but are great indeed. It is also normal that a smaller watch brand like Panerai won’t add 10 new hyper complex pieces every year. I think their pace of innovation has been amazing so maybe this year seems OK, but not very exiting compared to earlier years. This moment was bound to come at some point.
    Funny is I saw kind of the same thing in the IWC collection: more consolidation and evolution instead of revolution. But the points clearly go to IWC instead of Panerai though IMO if I had to choose who makes the best SIHH of the two this year, because without being spectacular, IWC really strenghtened their pilot collection by small but very significant improvements. I’m curious to hear other opinions including yours Alexander! Good luck in SIHH.

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