Baselworld 2014: The Omega Novelties

Baselworld 2014 will officially open its doors tomorrow. Already today at noon I can offer you pictures of all the new Omega watches. Enjoy them!


Omega focuses this year on demonstrating all its know-how. You will have to learn the new name Master Co-Axial.

Master Co-Axial stands for the non-magnetic movement technology that was presented last year. Every watch with the name Master Co-Axial on the dial resist magnetic fields up to 15.000 Gauss or 1.200.000 A/m.

Bare in mind that´s 15 times more then a Rolex Mille Gauss or a classical IWC Ingenieur can withstand.

Tomorrow in Basel Omega will launch 69 Master Co-Axial models based on four Master Co-Axial calibres. And guys this is just the beginning! Until 2016 all Omega-own calibres will be Master Co-Axial-calibres and at that point the entire collection will be non-magnetic. Considering the fact that we are literally surrounded by magnetic fields and their intensity grows steadily the Master Co-Axial-technology is far more the just a very good USP at the point of sale. Dear competitors please wake up!

I will now show the Omega novelties and give you a brief technical description.


>>> IMPORTANT! <<<

The prices mentioned here are in Swiss Francs (CHF) and without any sales taxes.


This is the new Omega Planet Ocean GMT 43,5 mm in a titanium case with a ceramic/Liquid-Metal turning bezel. Price: 8500 CHF with titanium strap and 7900 CHF with rubber strap.


Omega Planet Ocean GMT 43,5 mm
Omega Planet Ocean GMT 43,5 mm
Omega Planet Ocean GMT 43,5 mm
Omega Planet Ocean GMT 43,5 mm
Omega Planet Ocean GMT 43,5 mm
Omega Planet Ocean GMT 43,5 mm


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13 replies on “Baselworld 2014: The Omega Novelties”
  1. says: VazquezDiaz

    Can we expect a soon-coming 2014 Planet Ocean Chronograph Master Co Axial or must we wait until 2016 to find it at Omega retailers?

  2. says: Edwin Tschopp

    Omega is this year a real battleship that brings the rest of the watchworld down. 20 out of 20.

  3. says: Joris

    Do you have any more info which colours will be available for the new Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial?

  4. says: Jeff Clayman

    Alex – First of all thanks for all your hard work. Your blog is indeed the #1 source for watch news…..all the others pale in comparison.

    Could you clarify 2 items:

    1_ The Seamaster 300m seems to come in stainless steel with liquid metal; 18kt sedna and steel with ceragold bezel….but there also seems to be a third variant with a blue enamel dial; blue 850 platinum liquid metal bezel, as well? Are there two versions of the blue dial…one limited edition of 400 with platinum liquid metal and one with non limited edition with regular liguid metal or are they one in the same….also…is this version steel or titanium or is the case and bracelet also platinum?

    2. Is there a new “light side of the moon” speedmaster 9600 variant with black ceramic case but white or silver dial?

  5. says: lutz

    there is another model presented. As far as I could find out the counterpart to the dark side of the moon the light side of the moon.
    Alex any informations of this piece are available already?

  6. says: Andreas

    It does not often happen to me that I see a watch and I immediately fall in love with it. With the Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial Chronometer it happened. The dial, the hands, the bezel, the proportions of the case, the bracelet and: The caliber. Wow! Everything is just perfect. And I am not a dedicated Omega fan.

    I guess this is a must have for me.

    Thanks Alexander for these up-to-date live pictures.

  7. says: Lutz

    Das Werk und die Technik ist super interessant. Danke für die frühen Infos Alex! Hoffentlich kommt es nächstes Jahr dann in die Speedmaster Linie und eine schöne limitierte Version kommt zur Einführung…

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