0-10mm 0.001mm High Accuracy Digital Micron Thickness Gauge with Roller Insert Computer PLC Connectable

Feature:* Metal casing & handle, compact & firm structure, convenient & stable operation * Can connect to computer or PLC *

0-10mm Depth 30mm Digital Thickness Gauge Electronic High Precision Suitable for Measuring Paper Leather

Description:With on-off power keyFast display data for large LCD screen3V environmental battery (not included)Suitable for measuring the thickness of flat materials,

0-12.7MM 0.01MM Digital Thickness Gauge Meter Tester Micrometer Thickness Gauge

Features:* The digital display thickness gauge can be used as the basic measurement when inspecting items to ensure accurate repeatability. *

0-20mm Auto Car Tyre Tread Depthometer Depth Indicator Gauge Gage Motorcycle Trailer Van Wheel Measure Tool Measrement Supplies

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:Item Type:Tire Repair Tools . This lightweight item provides an easy and effective method of checking tyre

0-2mm Magnetic Z Axis Tool Dial Zero Presetter Gauge Offset CNC Metric Range 0-2 mm

Features:- Measurement surface is large, easy to operate – Mechanical zero-setting instrument for CNC Machine Centers – Fast and sure

0.001mm 0-50.8mm Electronic Digital Depth Dial Indicator Gauge Measuring Tool High Precision

Features:The moving parts made of special wear mainly stainless steel,with good resistance and anti-rust properties.Simple structure,convenient and stable operation.Shockproof structure

0.01mm High Quality Long Handle Digital Display Electronic Leather Thickness Gauge Thickness Meter Leather Thickness Gauge

Features:-Ceramic measuring head, metal casing & handle, compact & firm structure, convenient & stable operation -Throat depth 120mm -Quick display

5 Inch ABS Material Irregular Contour Gauge Multifunction Gauge

Features:Precise Shape Duplication:This profile gauge works well in copying the shape of any irregular items, replicate the shape of moldings

ANENG 12.7mm Digital Thickness Gauge Mini Dial Thickness Meter Carbon Fiber Composite Width Measurement Tool

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:Made from extra strong composites of carbon fiber. Durable Linght weight you want to use. 8mm LCD

CM-8825F Coating Thickness Gauge Handheld Car Paint Film Thickness Tester

Feature:Simple operation and portable design,small size.Small diameter probe, automatic identification of substrate type, micron-level accuracy.Specification:All-in-oneSplitSuitable for used car evaluation test or

CM8801FN Thickness Gauge Fe and NFe 2 in 1 Car Body Paint Gauge Coating Thickness Meter Film Thickness Tester

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:CM8801FN Fe and NFe 2 in 1 Car Body Paint Gauge Coating Thickness Meter Film Thickness Tester

Digital Durometer Shore Hardness Tester High Precision with Automatic Zero Function Portable and Suitable for High Hardness Objects

Description:The Shore Rubber Hardness Tester is an instrument for measuring the hardness of vulcanized rubber and plastic products. The instrument