There are a lot of indispensable in life, especially some small tools, always help you inadvertently.

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1 Pcs Black Durable Front Door Hello and Welcome Mat

The black durable front door mat in front of the door is something we see when we go in or out. It is an important assistant to adsorb dust and can decorate a home and increase the warm atmosphere.

100PC Non-Woven Grow Biodegradable Bags

Biodegradable bags are the best alternatives to plastic grow bags
The grow bags are high-quality and do not tear easily
Non-woven grow bags allow easy transferring of plants from pots to the ground
Material: non-woven fabric material
Sizes: 7x9cm/ 7x11cm/ 8x10cm/ 8x12cm/ 9x10cm/ 9x11cm/ 9x12cm/ 9x13cm/ 10x12cm/ 11x13cm / 11x14cm/ 12x13cm/ 12x15cm/ 12x18cm/ 14x16cm/ 14x18cm/ 15x16cm/ 15x19cm/ 16x18cm (50pcs)/ 16x20cm (50pcs)
Package includes: 100 x 100PC Non-Woven Grow Biodegradable Bags

11L Portable Collapsible Folding Water Bucket

It is foldable for convenient storage
It is multifunctional. Can be used in so many ways
Suitable for car washing, watering the plants, a storage container etc
Made from a strong and durable material
A space saver bucket

270-Liter Collapsible Garden Waste Bag (Set of 2)

A pop-up bag that does more than clean leaves in your garden.
It is economical and cost-efficient. Reusable yet the quality is retained.
This garden bag has a capacity of 270 liters and has a weight limit of 50kgs.
Made of high quality and extra strong polypropylene (woven).
The package consists of 2 garden bags.

Open Size: 67*76cm / 26.3*30"
Foldable Size: Approx. 30*25*4cm / 11.8*9.8*1.6"(L*W*H)
Net Weight: 0.737kg / 26oz

3 Seats Waterproof Garden Swing Chair Awning

Placing this 3 seats waterproof garden swing chair awning in your own garden not only let the neighbors and friends admire the comfort of your home and let the family and children relax and enjoy the time.

3-Liter Kitchen Compost Bin

A no-mess, hassle-free way to reduce your weekly waste
Collected food scraps become an excellent organic material which is good for your garden
This product does not produce a foul smell in your kitchen
It includes an activated carbon fiber cloth to prevent producing a bad smell
It can fill up to 3 liters of food waste
The inner bin measures 13 x 16 x 19cm. The outer bin measures 16 x26cm

5 Gallon Bubble Bags Extraction Kit (5pcs)

5-gallon capacity extraction bag
Durable and waterproof
With included dust bag and pressing screen
Can make high-quality extracted herb oil
Item Size: 43 x 30 cm
Package List:

5 x Bag
1 x Dust bag
1 x Pressing Screen
1 x Manual (English)

5L Kitchen Compost Bin Filter Bucket

For indoor and outdoor use
Simple and easy to use
DIY fertilizer
Helps reduce environmental waste
No assembly needed
Material: Galvanized iron

 7.6 x 7.6 x 8.1 inches
4 inches diameter charcoal filters

Air Plant Holder Ceramic Holder

This ceramic air plant holder is simple, minimalist, yet very elegant and functional
It gives a levitating effect to the air plant, almost like it's holding the plant
It's finely polished so it's perfect for indoor decoration; elegant too
Material: Porcelain / Size: 8 x 5 x 4.7 cm  / Weight: 45 g
Package Content:

1 x Air Plant Holder

Animals Cactus Pots Resin Handicraft

Handicraft resin pots
6 super cute animal designs
For succulents and other small plants
As gift and giveaways
For indoor and outdoor use
Package Weight: 0.28 kg

Ant Killer Sticky Board

Non-toxic sticky board and harmless to people
The large board has a sticky adhesive that traps different types of insects
You may use it indoors specifically in the kitchen or in the garden out of reach by children and pets
Size: 20 x 12.5cm
Package contents: 5/10/20 pcs Ant Killer Sticky Board

Anti Bird Spikes Stainless Steel

These Anti Bird Spikes effectively keep the birds away from the garden
They are easy to install and made of stainless steel which is suitable for the outdoors
Helps prevent birds from pecking on produce or leaving droppings everywhere
Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
Base Length: 25cm / Thorn Height: 11cm
Thorn Diameter: 0.13cm
Package Contents:

1 x Base
15 x Anti-Bird Spikes