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Cold Processed Shampoo Bar

Ditch your old bottled shampoo for a more natural and eco-friendly shampoo bar.
Contains organic and all-natural ingredients.
It has no chemicals and preservatives that can irritate and dry your scalp.
It comes in 9 different variants.

White - Rosemary
Dark Green - Mint
Light Green - Green tea
Black - Bamboo Charcoal
Purple - Lavender
Blue - Seaweed
Red - Cinnamon
Yellow - Jasmine
Brown - He Shou Wu herb

Each bar weighs 55 grams and measures 7 x 7 x 2.7cm.

Collapsible Bottle Silicone Water Tumbler

This collapsible silicone tumbler is the most portable and handy water bottle you'll ever have
It has a secure lock that prevents leaking
It's a great water bottle for outdoor sports and activities
Material: Silicone/Capacity: 550ml (unfolded)/Package Size: 143 x 75 mm
Package Content:

1 x Silicone Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Bowl Silicone Folding Bowl (3pcs)

Save space in your dish dryer and cupboard by using collapsible bowls instead of regular ones
It's foldable, you can fold it half its size; Lightweight and Portable
Comes with silicone leakproof covers; Perfect for storing food and take-aways
Weight: About 365g / Material: Food-Grade Silicone
Package Content:

Small: (Open) 12 x 6cm /  2.4cm (Folded)
Medium: (Open) 15 x 7.7cm / 3.5cm (Folded)
Large: (Open) 19 x 8.5cm / 3.7cm (Folded)

Collapsible Reusable Straw Metal Straw

It is collapsible straw so you can help minimize the waste generated every day
With a container to make it portable, and it has a carabiner so you can conveniently hang it on your bag
Easy to clean since it has a brush included in the package
Material: metal

Container: 4.4 x 0.5in
Folded straw: 3.95 x 0.35in
Unfolded: 9.25in
Folded brush: 4.33in
Unfolded brush: 9.44in
Carabiner: 1.7in

Package content:

1 x Collapsible Straw
1 x Collapsible Brush
1 x Storage Box

Collapsible Waterproof Laundry Basket

Experience a comfortable laundry every week without the hassle of sorting your clothes.
It has three compartments for your whites, colored and dark clothes.
Easy to install and disassemble for easier storage.

Material: Oxford cloth, aluminum alloy, and PP.
Size: Expands up to 64*38*58 cm.

Compostable Dog Poop Bags (8/16 Rolls)

Compostable dog poop bags are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic dog poop bags
They decompose faster than plastic dog poop bags; Even the roll's tube is compostable!
Picking up and disposing of dog poo is very easy when you have these compostable dog poop bags!
Bag Size: 9 x 13 in / Thickness: 13 Microns / Weight: 45g per roll
Package Content Variants:

8 x Compostable Dog Poop Bag Rolls
16 x Compostable Dog Poop Bag Rolls

Confetti Cones 20PCS with Tray

These Confetti Cones are easy to assemble and perfect for parties and weddings
They have an open design which makes it easy to access the confetti inside
The cones are eco-friendly and have a comfortable-to-hold shape
Material: Paper, Petals
Paper Sheet Sizes (Confetti Cone): 21 x 14.5 cm  (A5)
Package Contents:

20 x  Confetti Cones
1 x 20-Slot Tray
1 x Bag of Flowers
1 x Bag of Lavender
1 x Tape

Cooking Bags Oven-safe Cookware (20 pcs)

Cooking bags keep the meat juicy by trapping the moisture inside the bag
Temperature-resistant bags that are safe for the oven, guaranteed not to catch fire
Perfect for make-ahead meals! Pre-cut and prepare meals, and pop it in the oven when you are ready to cook it
Material: PET plastic / Size : 250 x 380mm / Weight: about 100g
Package Content:

20 x Cooking Bags with Tie

Cooking Chopsticks Wooden Utensils

These Cooking Chopsticks are ideal for frying, plating, tossing and other kitchen needs
It is food-safe and environmentally-friendly; Durable, lightweight and easy to control
Long length to keep heat away from hands; Easy to clean and doesn’t rust
Material: Wood
Size: 38 cm
Package Contents:

1 Pair Cooking Chopsticks

Cookware Silicone Cover (Set of 6)

Heat Resistant and Flexible
Reusable and Eco-friendly
Dishwasher friendly
BPA Toxic Free
Elastic and Expandable

Cool Mist Diffuser Aromatherapy Air Purifier

Wood finish exterior
Can be used with or without essential oil
Release fine cool mist humidification
For your room, office, living room, etc
Cleans the air, remove bad odor, and kills bacteria
Liquid Capacity: 130 ml
Size: 100 x 95 mm

Cool Water Bottles Leak Proof

Cool Water Bottles Leak Proof is your best buddy for your healthy and active lifestyle.
It is suitable for your kids to bring to school.
Its leak-proof feature is very handy for you to place inside your bag and there are no worries of spillage.
The water bottle comes with lead, tea infuser, and rope.
Colors available are blue, purple, green, pink and gray.
Package size is 15cm x 10cm x 10cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 3.94in) with a one piece of water bottle inclusion.

Crank Flashlight Mini Emergency Light

This flashlight never needs batteries, you can charge it by cranking its charging lever It is also a solar-powered flashlight It has high energy conversion; One minute of cranking gives you 10 minutes-worth of light Item Weight: 113g/Product Dimensions:15 x 5.1 x 6.1 cm Package Content: 1 x Crank Flashlight

Crochet Market Bag 10PC Set

This Crochet Market Bag is breathable and prevents the insides from getting smelly
It is a reusable bag so it is environmentally-friendly
The bag has straps which make it convenient to carry around

Size: 45 x 35cm

Material: Cotton
Package Contents:

10 x Crochet Market Bags

Custom Glass Bottle Cutter

A glass bottle cutter that's easy to use
Just apply pressure to carefully slice the glass bottle clean
Does not need any power source
Cuts bottles measuring from 20mm to 230mm in diameter and up to 320mm in length
Create functioning art easily
Package contents: 1 x Glass Cutter Bottle Transformer

Cute Dog Beds Pet Cushion Tent

Provides a comfortable feeling for your pet
Easy to use and very soft cushion which can help your pet relax
Has a cute design. It is suitable for your pet cat or dog
Material: Cloth
Weight: 300- 520g

25 x 25 x 28cm
30 x 30 x 33cm
38 x 38 x 40cm
42 x 42 x 46cm

Package Includes:

1 x Cute Dog Beds Pet Cushion Tent

Cute Room Humidifiers Ultrasonic Diffuser

Mist ultrasonic humidifier with light
USB-operated which can be plugged on laptop or power bank
Minimalist design
Cleans the air
For small rooms and offices

Water tank capacity: 220 ml

Size: 80 x 80 x 139 mm

Cute Water Bottles Milk Box Pink Panther

Easy to clean
FDA approved plastic material
Screw cap drinking lid
Only for 0-60 degrees of liquid
Capacity: 450 ml
Size: 20 x 5.5 x 6 cm
Diameter 1.5 cm
Package List:

1 x Cute Drinking Bottle

Defrosting Plate Quick Thawing Tray

This defrosting plate thaws 5-6 times faster than ceramic plates
It is fast, practical, and convenient
You just watch and wait while your meat is thawed
Material: Aluminum
Suitable for meat, fish, poultry, crustaceans, vegetables, fruits, and others
Package Content:

1 x Defrosting Plate

Denim Belt Stretchable Waistband

A fashionable denim belt that is stretchable and soft; You will love the breathability of this material
You can pair them with different kinds of clothing wear especially dresses; It is popular and trendy nowadays
This waistband can give you a comfortable feeling; It also has an excellent fabric

For a list of sizes and measurements, please scroll down to the description area to find the sizing chart
Material: Denim, Elastic Fabric
Package Includes:

1 x Denim Belt Stretchable Waistband

Desiccant Packs Hanging Moisture Bag

Keeps your wardrobe and cabinets dry and moisture-free
Protects your leather clothes from mold growth caused by moisture from the air
It's fragrant-free so your clothes will stay fresh smelling
Material: Calcium Chloride
Dimensions: Approx. 36 x 16 x 1cm/ Moisture Capacity: 500ml
Package content: 1 x Desiccant Packs Hanging Moisture Bag

Diaper Wet Bag Storage Container

A water-resistant wet bag for storing dirty clothes and diapers conveniently. It is a wonderful material that can hold your child's belongings
You can attach it to the handle of the stroller. It is washable, durable, and versatile. It has a bright color and it is very useful
It allows you to change the diaper of your baby wherever you are. You may keep the soiled diapers inside to separate it from the new ones
Material: Tarps
Size: 29.5 x 24.5cm
Package Includes:

1 x Diaper Wet Bag Storage Container

Dining Table Mats Rectangular Shape

You should have these dining table mats in every home
Use these to ensure a clean and neat dining experience
Easy to clean after using
Size: 44.70 x 30cm / Material: Silicone 
Package Content: One (1) Dining Table Mats Rectangular Shape

Dish Drying Mat Silicone Counter Mat

Its middle grove design of the corners makes it easy to drain water directly into the sink without wetting the countertop
Help keep your kitchen tidy and it is large enough to hold most of your dishes, cups, and other utensils to leave them to dry
It has excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, and easy cleaning
Material: 100% Food grade silicone
Size: 44 x 32cm; Weight: 586g
Package Includes:

1 x Dish Drying Mat Silicone Counter Mat

Dish Washing Sponge High-Density Pad (5 pcs)

It has high-density that makes it effective to use for both indoor and outdoor use, combats everything from scrambled eggs to grungy grills
Helps clean up in a snap after a dinner party, or get your garage in a tip-top shape
It keeps your hands out of the mess and keeps your dishes squeaky clean
Material: Sponge; Density: 16-18kg/cube
Size: 10 x 7 x 3cm
Package Includes:

5 x Dish Washing Sponge High-Density Pad

Disposable Changing Pads 10 Waterproof Pads

For baby's day out, bring disposable changing pads with you instead of washable ones; Just throw after using, no need to carry soiled changing pads inside your bag while in a public place
Made from super-absorbent and fast-absorbing material with side-leak guards
Soft and breathable material; Will not cause rash and irritation to your baby's sensitive skin
Material: Non-Woven Wood Pulp, Furry Pulp, SAP, Breathable Bottom Membrane
Size: 45 x 33 cm / 17.72 x 13"
Package Content:

10 x Disposable Changing Pads

Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set

These spoons, forks, and knives are made of wooden material making it eco-friendly utensils to use
Ideal to use in parties, gatherings, campings, picnics, and many more to serve food
Convenient and practical to use since it is disposable
Material: wood
Dimensions: approx. 16cm (spoon, fork, and knife)
Package content variations:

1 Pack 100pcs Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set (30pcs Spoons / 40pcs Forks / 30pcs Cutters)
1 Pack 150pcs Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set (50pcs Spoons / 50pcs Forks / 50pcs Cutters)
1 Pack 200pcs Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set (50pcs Spoons / 100pcs Forks / 50pcs Cutters)

Distilled Water Machine Electric Purifier

The Distilled Water Machine Electric Purifier removes water impurities right at home
It is an electric-machine that's easy to use and convenient
It is ideal for home, office, and even for travel use
Material: Stainless Steel/ Capacity: 4L
Power Input: US Plug (110V AC) ; EU (220V 60Hz)/ Output Power: 750W
Machine Size: 19 x 38.5 x 24.5 cm/ Water Bottle Size: 18 x 18.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Distilled Water Machine
1x Water bottle
1x Bottlecap
1x Main power wire
1x Instruction manual

DIY Glow Paint Pigment

An additional collection to your cute decoratives.
Can be used as a night lamp inside your rooms.
Saves energy or electricity consumptions in your homes when used as a replacement.
Can be used as an outdoor lamp that will give light to your garden.
Available in blue, green, blue-green, sky blue and yellow color.
The product weighs approximately 10 grams.
Do not eat the particles inside the bottle, they might have side effects on your health.

DIY Greenhouse Plant Shelter

This DIY greenhouse is the cheaper and more practical greenhouse alternative if you are on a budget
It has three-layer plant racks on each side and a zipper-closure door
This greenhouse protects your delicate plants from too much heat and moisture, extreme weather conditions, and keeps animals, pests, and crawlers away
It comes in parts so you have to assemble it on your own
Material: PVC + Plastic Spray Pipe
Overall Size: (L)x(W)x(H) 143x73x195cm
Package Content:

1 x Set DIY Greenhouse

DIY Mosquito repellent bracelet for children

This colorful cartoon beaded bracelet is not only an educational DIY toy but also an effective mosquito repellent.

DIY Slime Kit Kid’s Play Set

Make some slime and make them shine with this DIY slime kit! Discover a creative way of keeping those young minds active. Let them learn and discover as they learn while they play.
Making your own slime is a great bonding activity for kids and parents
Kids learn while they are playing; They become more imaginative as they create their own slime from scratch
Suitable Age: 6 Years old and above/Package Size: 12cm x 6.5cm x 24cm/Length:7cm (2.76in)/Width: 5cm (1.97in)/Height: 5cm (1.97in)
Package Content:

3 x Slime Containers
3 x Slime Mix
3 x Glitters

Door Draft Stopper Energy Saver

A double-sided door and window draft guard that keep temperatures from getting in and out of rooms
With a secure patented closure that keeps it from moving despite the moving of the doors
Reduces dust and odors by blocking the space they can get through
Removable and washable
Helps reduce heating and cooling costs
Package contents: 1 x Door Draft Stopper Energy Saver

Double Walled Glasses Heat Resistant

Heat Resistant
Maintains beverage temperature longer
Extremely durable
Material: Borosilicate glass
Capacity: A: 250ml/B: 200ml/C: 450ml
Dimensions: A: 8.8cm x 8.2cm/B: 9.5cm x 6.5cm/C:14.5cmx8.3cm

Drinking Cups With Own Straw (Set of 4)

A great cup with straw for daily use or party use
Use these cups to serve drinks to your kids or students
Size: 7.50*10cm
Material: Food grade plastic 
Package Includes: 

4 x Drinking Cups With Own Straw

Drinking Water Bottle Travel Drinkware – HOLD

Handy water container that has an elastic cover that you can easily open
Convenient water bottle with a U-shaped lock design
The body material has a matte texture and leakproof feature
Material: BPA free Tritan Plastic
Package Content/s Per Variant:


Weight: 124g
Size: 19 x 6.5cm


Weight: 135g
Size: 22.5 x 6.5cm